In Praise of Teachers

I wanted to balance out all the negativity with a bit of praise. Things are heated in education right now. But in the thick of it are hundreds of thousands of great teachers doing their best, day after day, week after week, even when dealing with the most troubled of kids or the most arrogant of politicians. Enough already with the big sticks and the derision. I truly believe that (the vast majority of):


To be fair, I can only go by the teachers I’ve been taught by, trained, met or worked with, and the ones who’ve taught my own children. But that does add up to literally thousands of teachers over the years. Yes there have been a handful of dodgy ones, but that’s the same whatever field you work in. Why focus on the negatives? That doesn’t achieve anything.

Teachers are great because they:

* help children believe in themselves, by believing in them;

* are creative, innovative, disciplined thinkers;

* are eloquent, expressive communicators;

* try to do what’s right, even though they don’t always manage it;

* have endless patience when challenged by behaviour;

* have huge amounts of subject knowledge;

* try to pass on that knowledge to their children, as best they can;

* know when to be tough, and when flexibility matters;

* experiment with different approaches and are always willing to try something new;

* never stop searching for answers, even when faced with the most difficult of questions;

* will stand up for what they believe is right, even at their own personal cost;

* spend literally hours working in their own time, to ensure their students get the best;

* like nothing more than a bit of rebellion when the time is right;

* genuinely work their hardest and do their best for their children.

There’s a quote that says it all really. It’s corny but it’s true. ‘If you can read this, thank a teacher.’ So, go on then, you read this, go and say thanks to a teacher today.

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