Doing the Data Dance

If I can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist.

Uh, perhaps your test just wasn’t very good?

If I can’t prove it, it isn’t useful.

But intuitively, it works for me. How can you say it’s not useful if I find it useful?

The most efficient method is always the best.

It’s the quickest, and works well for the majority, but the word ‘best’ is a value judgement and doesn’t account for the individual.

My test found that this method was efficient, therefore other methods are inefficient.

Uh, did you test all the other methods as well, or just the one you wanted to prove?

Here’s an example that supports my argument, therefore what I say must be true.

Did you quote the example in context? Did you look at lots of examples, or just cherry pick the one that supported the point you wanted to make?

There is only one way of doing things. Everyone must do things in this one way.

Good luck with making that one happen. Seriously, good luck.

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