Wanted: Preschool Charity Workers

This job is a superb opportunity for anyone wanting to learn about how a preschool runs, including charity law, finances, pension law, dealing with the local authority, interviewing and appointing staff, managing staffing levels, ordering resources, maintaining a website and, perhaps most importantly, learning how to get parents to bake cakes for the preschool fair.

Hours: varied and unpredictable, fixed according to our needs and to comply with the latest legislation we put out. At times may exceed 20 hours a week.

Salary: in a band between £0 and £000,000, depending on age and experience.

Term of employment: as long as you are willing to put up with it or until we can get all 2-year olds into schools.

You will need: knowledge of the early years curriculum, managerial skills, finance and legal awareness, knowledge of health and safety legislation, IT skills, plenty of paper and ink cartridges, an internet and phone connection.

Interview process: complete a 20 page form, sit an hour’s interview with an Ofsted Inspector (for suitable person), complete a CRB check and be registered with the DBS.

Please note: some people report that the Ofsted helpline has been telling applicants that they must pay £52 for the privilege of being allowed to take up this post. The DBS confirms that this is incorrect.

Update: Ofsted confirm that the DBS is wrong, and that volunteer committee members are no longer volunteers. Please bring your cheque for £52 to the interview.

Update 2: Ofsted now confirm that everyone is wrong and that they are still ‘in talks’ with the DfE. If you’re a potential parent volunteer, put things on hold until a decision is made. If you’re an early years setting, Ofsted have told me to pass on the message that you should not send in new EY2 forms until a decision has been made. 

Hopefully someone in government will find a dictionary soon so that they can look up the word ‘volunteer’ and agree what it means.

Please form an orderly queue to apply.

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2 Responses to Wanted: Preschool Charity Workers

  1. This is a familiar scenario in the Children & Young People Voluntary Sector, and so I have twittered it to Nick Hurd, Minister at the Cabinet Office @minforcivsoc. He has repeated called for information from the “front line” about barriers to volunteering and community action, and I am sure that he will be interested in this example.


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