Holiday Lessons: Three

Risk is fun, but you must learn to take care.

Some things are risky and others are not, or at least are less so. We all balance the equation for ourselves. With our children we assess the risk for and with them. We want them to enjoy life and to become independent human beings. We cannot forever be whispering in their ears “take care”, but it’s hard to let go.

Holiday To Do List

Shoot proper bow and arrows – check

Ride on quad bikes with older cousin – check

Swim and body board in sea – check

Swim and dive in pools and water parks – check

Swim and bomb into river from jetty – check

Kayaks – check

Sit in the middle of a river on some Roman granite blocks – check

Go to fairground – check

Read an entire series of children’s books – check

Watch a helicopter scoop water out of a river, really close up – check

Mum, can I say something? I’m not sure if I should.

Yes, of course you can. You can always tell me anything.

It’s just that, you’ve got to take some risks … in life … because mostly the things that are risky are really enjoyable. And you get braver, the more risks you take. You try new things. And you learn how to do them better.

That’s right. You’ve got to be careful, though. Not all risks are sensible ones. You’ve got to check the depth of the pool before you jump into it. Talk to an adult before you do stuff. Make sure someone knows where you are. Just like we’ve been doing.

Yeah, I understand that. Thanks.

Risk is fun, but you must learn to take care.

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