Doors Open

The first door is named sensory. It is the door through which all must pass to connect with the world. For some children this door is the only one they can push against. Some cannot open it all the way. There are doors inside the sensory room, they offer chances to express yourself through music, or art, or movement. Here is the natural world, with the wind on your face and your fingers in the soil.

The next door is named language. Talk lets us create shared experiences. Experience gives us the chance to build language. Beyond this door lies an entire world of possibilities. Beyond are reading, maths, science, geography, art, music and … you get the idea. The only purpose of education is to open doors. And also not to close them.

There are many, many things that can close a door, or keep it only partially open. I guess we all know what they are. We might believe that the keys take different shapes, but in the end it’s all just a struggle to open doors. And to make sure we shine a light on all the doors in the first place.

The purpose of education is to help each individual person open as many doors as they possibly can, especially the ones they most want to open. The doors are heavy. Sometimes we will have to push hard.

The purpose of education is to be able to say:

Doors Open.”


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2 Responses to Doors Open

  1. I agree. At its most basic, education is about ‘doors’ to life.


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