Carving the Angel

If there was one piece of advice I could give to aspiring writers, it would be this: write the book you want to read. Sometimes this works out as write the book you wanted to read way back when. And also, thrillingly, write the book that you want someone you love to read. A book is a droplet of life, a distillation of experience, and thinking, and imagination.

I wrote Bad Faerie and the Grotto of the Goblins for my children. I wanted us to have a book to share where a young girl is strong, tough and brave. A girl who faces challenges and makes good decisions.  Enough already with the pink. My kids are plotting the entire series now (I can’t keep up), they draw me pictures to include. It’s a lovely thing to do with your children. And as the song says: You can do it if you really want … but you must try.

Here’s a collection of blog posts on writing a book for anyone who wants to give it a try:

We are The Editors, editing is what we do.

The publishing gates have been breached, so Everyone can be a Writer.

Show not Tell is at the heart of good fiction writing.

Inspiration lets writing happen: The River of Forgetfulness

Being able to touch type helps too: QWERTY.

With books you’ve really gotta Run for Cover.

And in the end, there really is no alternative but to, Tie your Leg to the Desk.

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