A Very Local School

Yesterday we were given a tour of the secondary school where our son will go in September 2014. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that he should attend this school. We won’t even list any other ‘choices’ when we submit our application. And here’s why:

Shiny steel and glass atrium – No

Expensive new buildings – No

Academy or free school – No

Mention of league table position, Ofsted/GCSE results during visit – No

Smart uniform with specific sock colour required – No

* * * * * * *

School an integral part of the local community – Yes

Comprehensive ethos, open to all local children – Yes

Closest school to where we live – Yes

Deep and enduring links to local primary schools – Yes

Arts and sporting events held in conjunction with local primaries – Yes

Broad and rich curriculum, strong in Arts, Music and Sports – Yes

Focus on helping new students feel happy and settled – Yes

Focus on meeting children’s individual needs – Yes

Simple, affordable and comfortable uniform – Yes

Range of interesting lunch time and after school clubs – Yes

Settled staff team – Yes

And, most importantly of all, friends who have children at the school who say that their children are happy there – Yes, lots.

Sorted. How lucky are we?

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4 Responses to A Very Local School

  1. Shocked that you’d share all this fabulous and encouraging information with others. Please expect ‘Gove and his Spoilers’ to hone in and make changes. Your school clearly isn’t getting it right!! 😉


  2. Jill Berry says:

    (but such a shame about the socks, Sue……!)


  3. No specific individual sock colour!!?? I’m horrified……strongly worded letter to school needed!


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