Nurture 13/14


1. I’m proud about writing my first children’s book: I wanted my daughter to have a book with a strong female lead. So I wrote one. It’s my son’s turn now. Watch this space.

2. I’m thankful that the writing and training I do seems to make a difference: Teachers are a great bunch of people, working very hard. It’s lovely when people say you helped.

3. I’m glad to have found Twitter: Great people. Reading, thinking … #handlewithcare

4. I’m happy to have begun blogging: I particularly enjoy a cheeky ‘one screen’ blog post. Hey, I’m a writer. Writing is my living. I’ve got to save some words for my books.

5. I’m thankful that we are alive: In January, a bolt of lightning hit our home in the middle of the night, setting fire to the electrical system. We were trapped upstairs, with the phone downstairs, and the nearest neighbours a mile away. Earlier, I made a decision. Call it intuition, or plain common sense. I took my mobile phone to bed with me. It was our light source, our connection to the world. We escaped. It could have been very different.


1. Listen, connect, feel. Life is not a dress rehearsal.  2. Treasure the moments. You never know when they might run out. 3. Write, write, write. Edit, edit, edit. Publish.

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7 Responses to Nurture 13/14

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  2. Alan B says:

    that is quite an amazing story about the lightning. whoa! close one


  3. Jill Berry says:

    Great to read this, Sue. Hope you and your family are having the best Christmas, and that 2014 is an excellent year for you.


  4. emmaannhardy says:

    Looking forward to your new book!


  5. Alan B says:

    wish you a merry xmas and a happy new year and here’s to Gove getting a different job in the coalition government and the education portfolio being given to someone who understands teaching, learning and teachers


  6. Alan B says:

    I apologise for my angry rant about Gove. I shouldnt have done that. I’m going on holiday today and taking no work with me at all. Yay!


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