Economically Productive Units

Scene One: A dark corridor. Cigar smoke hovers in the air. Two men are talking. We cannot see their faces. The time is unspecified: perhaps we are in the future, perhaps in the past.

Mr. A: We need to get the Workers working, as many hours as we can. This is the way to maximise our economic productivity.

Mr. B: But the Workers with the EPUs? The Parents. The Parents ask to spend time with their EPUs. There is this strange thing that they call ‘Love’.

Mr. A: Sometimes this is good. Some of The Parents are good at developing the EPUs. They take them to the Ancient Places, where the Knowledge resides.

Mr B: But some of The Parents are not so good. They do not programme the EPUs in the right way. Sometimes they break the EPUs. [there is a faint note of horror in his voice]

Mr A: Indeed.

Mr B: And if the Workers are spending time with their EPUs, then they cannot work.

Mr A: You have a point. Do you have a solution?

Mr B: Well …. how would it be if we were to take the EPUs away from The Parents, as soon as we possibly could? Then we could ensure that they worked properly. Became properly functional Workers. We could persuade them, or force them, that’s up to you.

There is a long pause.

Mr A: How early would you like to start?

Scene fades.

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9 Responses to Economically Productive Units

  1. whatonomy says:

    You have the basis of an excellent dystopian novel here! It reminds me of a short story called ‘Examination Day’. This is what comes of an age of audit and efficiency. No room for play.


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  3. There is s terrible, unchallengeable beauty about the independence of strong emotion. It is our saving grace, for when sweet reason falls upon deaf ears, the very soul rebels, makes to move, stirring deep oceans, reaching for the light, breaking, rebellious into righteous air in new-born shape. There are times we can only speak in visions.

    T S Eliot was right about “the objective correlative”. This disquieting scene thunders with fists at the bland walls of those corridors the grey ones would have us and our children walk. The previous post, “Why Am I Hear?” confirms there is a kind of blog these surreal times summon from the inexhaustible resources of the human spirit that will not brook them more.


  4. bt0558 says:

    Lovely post.

    I believe the situation arises mostly from an ideology that sees working class kiddies as factory fodder with school the factory. Mix with people trying to earn a living in schools and an increasingly divided society and we get what we have.


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