Too Many Hats

The Playwright sits in a darkened room, scratching thoughts, ideas, knowledge on a page. 

The Actor brings the script alive (some audiences are tricky to please).

The Artist turns a simple resource into the key to another world.

The Kitten Herder keeps all the kittens in the same room.

The Parent wipes noses and asks gently ‘Are you okay?’ 

The Editor takes the raw material, and slowly (painfully) nudges it into shape.

The Evaluator checks how things are going, works out why they are not going well.

The Social Worker looks at the world and tries to put it back together again.

The Researcher builds personal knowledge and explores how things can work better.

The Administrator keeps things tidy, organised, safe, with numbers, data and filing.

The External Evaluator arrives. From now on every hat you wear will be monitored, measured, scrutinised. Need we even ask if teachers have an unsustainable workload?

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3 Responses to Too Many Hats

  1. 60hr week x 6ish weeks x 6 half terms… Now tell me that story about me being lucky to be a teacher because of ‘all those holidays and early finishes’!!! – you might need to wake me up first though, because I’m nodding off behind the wheel of my car as I drive home in the dark, with my marking still to finish! 😦


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