Five Top Tips for Speakers

1. Don’t just read it out. They can read. If they wanted to read it, they would have read it. They came to hear you bring it to life.

2. Speaking is performing (same as teaching). You get to use your voice, face, hands, body, movement, character, props, jokes, drama, imagination. You bring it to life. It’s great fun.

3. You can rewrite your ideas live, with the help of your audience. Let them challenge and add to your thinking. Be responsive, soak up their collective intelligence.


5. Use your pause.

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2 Responses to Five Top Tips for Speakers

  1. J Stenson says:

    but what about Michael Gove?


  2. Katie says:

    I liked number 4! reminded me of when I was in italy and a guy fell in the trevi fountain trying to romantically impress a group of us. donut


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