Finding your Form

I’m writing a book at the moment. Or, to be more accurate, a book is writing me. I know what the book is about. I’ve had the experiences I needed to write it. I know exactly what I’m going to say. But the book just hasn’t found its form yet. This is partly a waiting game. The book will come when it wants to come. However, there are some things you can do to speed up the process of finding your form:

* Just write, even if it’s rubbish.

* Go sideways: explore some other art forms and think about how they could link to your project.

* Experiment – try writing what you want to say in different forms, in different styles, and for different audiences.

* Think about covers, and tag lines, and blurbs, and all that fun stuff.

Finding your form is a bit like shaking up a bottle of coke, then waiting for just the right moment to take off the lid. If you open it too soon, the danger is you get all sticky. If you open it too late, all the fizz is gone. But, at some point, you have to take the lid off. And, basically, see what happens. #amwriting

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5 Responses to Finding your Form

  1. nancy says:

    Thanks Sue. I have done a lot of thinking today, and there is a form in process…I need to write a bit and see if it grows from a tiny seed like idea into a book, but there we go. I’ll keep you posted 😉


  2. nancy says:

    Of course the other bit is finding a publisher…


  3. thenoveilst says:

    Inspiring post, even as I’ve published two books. Sweet 🙂


  4. Tim Taylor says:

    Writing every day (even if it’s rubbish) is excellent advice. I think I’m spreading myself thin at the moment.


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