D’you know how you get really into one subject? How that subject becomes the window through which you see the world? For some of you, it is maths, or science, or art (how I envy you), or geography, or history, or music, or … well, you get the picture. When your subject is the way you interact with your world, you see everything through that window.  These are your “Doors of Perception” (as Aldous Huxley once said).  I can no more see the world in terms of economics, or mathematics, or science, than I can flap my arms and fly. My world is made up of words; I’m on the alert for tone, and structure, and spelling, and context, and meaning. However, if you talk to me gently, and explain it to me as a fellow human being, I’ll shuffle over to where you are and have a good look. Because I love to see the world through other people’s windows.

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