The Magic of Motivation

8th March 2015 – To Do: Dig (yeah that again)

I wouldn’t say that digging is fun, but I definitely enjoy it. There is a repetitive quality to the action that somehow helps me to clear my mind, and at the same time allows my ideas to flow. Today as I dug for hour after hour, I mulled over the subject of motivation. Clearly, I’m going to need an awful lot of motivation to clear my plot. But I am motivated to do it, and I will keep going even when it gets tough or boring or painful. So I took to wondering what it is that helps cause this magical state. What is it that pushes us on, even when we feel like giving up?

Firstly, I have a tangible end goal, a real sense of purpose – this work is deeply relevant to me. I want to provide vegetables and flowers for my family, ones that I have grown with my own hands, ones that come out of the very soil on which I live. Secondly, I have a target to aim for, a time limit to push me forwards. The growing season is upon us, and if I don’t get going now I will miss the boat. And thirdly, when I begin to lose steam, I can always sprinkle a spoonful of sugar on my efforts. Today’s sugar came courtesy of a visit to the local garden centre. The potatoes are ready to chit. The seeds are ready to sow.

Let the magic commence!

009011Woman versus Weeds, Round Two.                A Spoonful of Sugar to keep me going.

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6 Responses to The Magic of Motivation

  1. nancy says:

    Fab! I managed to take my cold out into the garden today too. Some leaves were raked and it watched the husband chop down a bit of tree. Time to get it into order, methinks 🙂


  2. jillberry102 says:

    “The potatoes are ready to chit” – haven’t come across ‘chit’ in this context, Sue., What does it mean? (I do love a new word…)


  3. suecowley says:

    Hi Jill, don’t put them in the fridge, they need light otherwise they’ll get long white weak shoots instead of short stubby green ones! x


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