First Cut is the Deepest

Today I built a second raised bed. This time round I learned from my mistakes. I got my other half to dig out the rechargeable screwdriver and recharge it for me (delegate, get prepared, get good kit.) I worked on a reasonably level surface, rather than a pile of weeds (get your working area ready.) Due to the first one falling apart when I turned it over, I knew to screw the screws in really tight (detail matters). And it took me about one third of the time to put it together.  I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have learned to build a raised bed quicker if someone had taught me. It would have been lovely to have someone to show me the ropes. But I’ll tell you one thing for free. When you learn through experience, the first cut goes deep, so you don’t make the same mistake twice.


Two raised beds, one rainbow flag                    Strawberry recycled tiles thing




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