Run, Chicken, Run

It’s raining tonight. Gardeners love the rain (especially when it comes at the right time, and if you have a greenhouse, you can hide there instead sowing seeds.) I swear I heard the ground heave a sigh of relief, as the drops finally penetrated below the first half inch. Anyway, I went to put the chickens away, and to take a few photos. Please may I introduce Sugar, Toffee and Icing. Three very-well-behaved, three-eggs-a-day chickens. (I have no idea how we ended up with those names. 😉


Here’s Tulip Corner.


And here’s The Obligatory Pond with TWO FROGS ALREADY! (Note the Safety Grid, an off-cut from a preschool project, there are Babies around.)


I got a bit into making paths, and there are actually some vegetables growing.


This is the Squash and Courgette Stone Mound. The fire pit has been replaced with a load of rotted horse manure. At the end of the day I realised that having a burning hole right in the middle of your allotment is a BAD IDEA.


Anyway, I digress. The real story of the night was The Mystery Chicken. When I got to the allotments, there was a chicken, standing there in the rain, just outside my chickens’ run. Forlorn and lonely would best sum up her mood. She was happy to come into the run, and have some Layers Pellets. Then she went back to standing in the rain, looking sadly into the distance. So in the end I just shoved her in the henhouse with our three chooks. (In my defence, it was completely pouring with rain by this point.) Well, here’s the thing. On Friday night, a fellow allotmenteer lost three of his four chickens, probably to a badger. There was one survivor, so he took her home to his garden to regroup. But maybe another chicken went and hid in a hedge, and didn’t get eaten? And if she makes it through the night she can be reunited with her friend. That’d be a lovely end result. Run, chicken, run.

Postscript: In the end it turned out that this was not an extra survivor, but the single chicken that had survived first time round. My fellow allotmenteer had taken her to his garden, but she had escaped and gone to the pub (yes, really). He rescued her from the pub, only for her to disappear off once again into the rain. Between his home and the allotment is a busy road to cross, and a long trek down the lane. That is one very single minded chicken. She is now happily settled in with our three chickens, so we are getting four eggs a day! We have named her “Crumble”. 🙂

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1 Response to Run, Chicken, Run

  1. jillberry102 says:

    This is definitely a script from Chicken Run, Sue.

    Love this – and love the photos. Will you please come and do my garden when you’ve finished your allotment? You’ve seen the dandelions….

    When we bought our first house we inherited with it an orchard and two chickens, Clara and Jemima. When we moved, we left them for the family who bought the house. I remember them fondly!


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