Different Strokes

Pumpkin is the King of the (horse poo) Heap.
Coddle him early, and eventually he’ll take over.

I love Sweetpeas.
Give her something to cling onto, then wait with bated breath to inhale her scent.

Gladioli is very hands off.
Bury her deep and she’ll reward you with flowers for your home in July.

Sweetcorn is a bit fussy, to be honest.
But give him a bit of protection now, and he’ll repay you with sweetness later.

The Chickens are frequently distracted by looking for bugs.
I mean, really. They have no attention span at all.

The Frogs aren’t fussed.
They’d take a puddle. I built them the Hilton.

The Guinea Pigs don’t particularly like strokes;
they do go a bundle on lettuce though.

And Me?
Well, I’m the kind of girl who likes to cover everything in black plastic.
Make of that one what you will.

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1 Response to Different Strokes

  1. jillberry102 says:

    I don’t do much gardening, Sue (I’m not like you!) but, on the odd occasions when I do, I find myself anthropomorphising both weeds and plants, so I really related to this!


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