Everything is Awesome

The way I see it, you can look at life in one of two ways. You can look at the negatives, the problems, the issues, the failures. This can be useful in terms of change, but it can tend to dominate your thinking. The alternative is to look at the positives – to spot and praise what is going right, although this can make you go a bit fluffy. This idea of looking for the positive is helpful for new teachers. Spot children working well, and make a point of it, rather than giving your attention to what’s going wrong. And if you’re lucky, the children start to believe what you are saying. Maybe if we said it to teachers as well, we would start to see that everything is, as The Lego Movie would have it, “Awesome”. (Yes, I know it’s not, “coasting schools”, etc. but more of it is than it isn’t.)

Everything is awesome in another way too. I mean, have you seen all the stuff out there?This is Eryngium Bowles Mauve, with silver leaves to conserve water, and delicate looking purple flowers that open forever.


This is Aquilegia. It self seeds everywhere, throwing up shocks of different coloured flowers. The only thing you ever have to do with Aquilegia is to pull it up if it’s in the wrong place.


This gorgeous bundle of joy is, obviously, completely totally 100% Awesome. All the way to the moon, and back. With Glitter.


And this? Well, *takes a bow*.


A lot of stuff in life could benefit from improvement, but don’t forget to focus on what’s already Awesome. 😉

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4 Responses to Everything is Awesome

  1. littlemavis says:

    I have alchemilla mollis and Valerian *everywhere* They’ve migrated from my tiny garden to neighbouring ones &the fields around us. My garden makes me happy. I have to remember to carry that positivity elsewhere sometimes.


  2. jillberry102 says:

    Thanks, Sue. I came across the concept of Appreciative Enquiry in my doctoral reading – a credit, rather than a deficit model of improvement which suggests that if we want to make things better, we start by looking at what’s working well. What can we learn from that and how can we apply those lessons to raise the bar elsewhere? Catch people doing something right…

    Makes perfect sense to me!

    Enjoy your garden in the spring sunshine….


  3. hayleyearl says:

    You have just summed up my whole approach to life… Thank you for this. I love the garden analogies too- who can’t love and appreciate a garden full of veggies starting to grow? What better way to fill your holiday?


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