The Seven Stages of Twitter

1. Oblivious: What is this Twitter thing of which you speak?

2. Confused: How does this thing work again?

3. Sceptical: How do I get anyone to listen to me if I’ve only got 3 followers?

4. Addicted: How many notifications/retweets/favourites/followers did I get? I love this!

5. Evangelical: You really really really MUST join Twitter.

6. Irritated: He said WHAT!?! This place is awful.

7. Zen: Write tweet. Delete.

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3 Responses to The Seven Stages of Twitter

  1. misslisa67 says:

    5.5 abomination fascination. When you can’t stop yourself watching a developing argument even though you’re thankful it’s nothing to do with you. Like the one that’ll hit in about 48 hours when the teachers have enough energy and downtime to fight like cats in the dark. 😉



  2. Maggie says:

    No6. OMG. The arguments on twitter. Loud men with lots of followers shouting at specific people and at random people. Hilarious


  3. Julia Lund says:

    I bounce between 1 and 3 – still keep tweeting and hoping that one day it’ll all make sense 🙂


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