The Right Shoes

Friday, Clarks Shoe Shop, Bristol. We queue for half an hour to find out that the kid’s feet are wide at the front, and narrow at the back and middle, which means she doesn’t fit into the ‘one size fits all’ kind of shoes. They’re either too tight at the front, or they flop off at the back.  The shop has lots of shoes that could fit her feet, but none of them actually do.

Uh oh.

Ah, but now we have an advantage. We know what her feet are like, what size and shape they are, and luckily we know where we can get more options to try, to see which one fits.

Saturday, Clarks Village, Street. Now this is what we call choice: there are lots of different shoes, in lots of different sizes. We know which size and shape we’re after, so we can look for the ones that might work. Five pairs of shoes and a sad acceptance that patent isn’t going to happen this year later, we have a fit. And as a bonus, we find furry waterproof boots in the adults’ section, which are perfect for muddy cycle rides, and a pair of boots for me as well. As we walk back through the door at home, the kid says, “Dad, you’ll never believe what we spent on the credit card … but at least we found the right shoes.”

005 003 001
Too big (mummy’s)              Already muddy (kids, eh?)                    Just right 🙂

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