Life Without Twitter

Gazing out of a window
Instead of into a screen
Tinkering about, only at the margins
Of the online world

Stepping away for a time
From the hurly-burly
And the clamouring voices
Into a quieter place

Writing to hear yourself speak
But not to be heard
Ideas: echoing, bouncing, flying
Across the spaces that open up

Taking back the time
That you spent wandering lost
And handing it, like a present,
To those you love most

Standing on the sidelines
As the game goes on
Whether or not
You decide to join in

Sensing the undercurrents
Raw emotions
That drag us into
Places we did not mean to go

Thinking about the friends
That you miss and hoping that,
From time to time,
They think of you too

Pondering a half term of adventure
And the tweet you will write
When you finally emerge from
Life without Twitter.

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8 Responses to Life Without Twitter

  1. Abby says:

    Thinking of you x


  2. I think about you lots x


  3. nancy says:



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