I’ve been thinking about Twitter timelines, ever since I read Bodil’s Isaksen’s blog asking what people want to get out of Twitter. (Thank you for the inspiration, Bodil.) One of the weird things about Twitter is that you exist in your own timeline, but for other people you exist via your tweets in theirs. People form an impression of you, not by what you see in front of you, but by what they see in front of them. Their mix is not the same as yours. People kind of form groups, but there are splinters and loose edges, where different voices filter in. My timeline is full of early years ideas and sharing. There is humour, hugging and shoes. I have poetry, and much talk about the value of play. I ask questions, which means there are a lot of answers on my feed. I enjoy images of the world in all its majesty – castles, weather, the natural world. There is quite a bit of volunteer preschool charity stuff. Then I chuck in a sprinkling of facts, some debate, but not too much. Oh and kittens. There should always be space for kittens. We create an atmosphere for ourselves on our timelines; a place we want to be. There may be some things on my timeline that other people wouldn’t want in their own lives, but there are many wonderful things on my timeline to give me pleasure in mine.


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