Reader Magnets

“There’s no money in poetry,
but there’s no poetry in money, either.”
Robert Graves

If you want to make a living as an author, you have to get past the bit where you don’t want to ask for money for your writing. It feels embarrassing at first, because it’s like you saying “I’m good enough for you to want to read what I write.” You don’t have an option though, because it’s either that or not make your living as a professional writer. One thing you must do to earn your crust is to create what is commonly referred to as an ‘author brand’. It’s not the most attractive term, but essentially that’s what you’re doing. Although the majority of people probably become writers because they can’t stop themselves from writing, in the end everyone has to earn a crust. If being an author is the way you’d like to earn that crust, then welcome to Sue Cowley’s Marketing 101:

Part One: *Reader Magnets*

You want your readers to stick to your writing, as though you are a magnet, because that will help you sell your books. But your readers are not going to stick to your writing, unless you give them something to stick to. Partly, this is about your voice – do they want to listen to you? Partly, it is about the ideas you bring to the table, and how useful your books will be to them. But it is also about visibility within a crowded market. And this is where “Reader Magnets” come in. These are all the ideas that you take the time to write and collate, and then share widely. People love lists of helpful things, such as my 100 ideas series. Blogs and websites draw people in, and free giveaways as well. You can share snippets of your books too. And if people come back to you, because they like what you say, then you have completed Part One of this course. You have created your very own Reader Magnets.

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