Nurture 15/16

I only set myself two targets last year. Number one was focus on family and friends. I did well on this one. Over the year we’ve (re)connected with various bits of our extended family, who are scattered across Europe. (I’ll spare you the ‘our weird family details’). Number two was to turn books in my head into published books. I did okay on the second one too – I published a guide for early years settings, another guide about developing young writers and a second bad faerie book for children. I’ve almost finished Road School, though not quite (damn). In other news, I gave a talk on creativity for the FA, at St. George’s Park (exciting). I did a keynote at the first WomenEd conference (amazing experience/amazing people). And I started writing a regular column for Nursery World as well. Both kids had significant birthdays, with one turning teen and the other leaving single digits behind. Oh and we got outstanding in our Ofsted inspection at preschool.

I’m setting myself three targets for next year. I know that I’ll be travelling a lot already – we’ve booked a houseboat in Amsterdam to see a Muse concert with friends. I’m going to Chile for work in April. With Portugal in the summer as well, it looks like the first of next year’s targets should be:

1. Travel a lot.

The next target is simple, since it’s the one that I didn’t do this year:

2. Finish Road School.

And the last target basically revolves around getting to an age where I go ‘oh shit, I’m old’:

3. Do something amazing to celebrate my *beep*-ieth birthday.

As someone once said: “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” As U2 also sensibly remind us: “Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.” But even though they’re right, when I reach a new decade, I definitely want to do something cool to celebrate my birthday. 🙂

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3 Responses to Nurture 15/16

  1. jillberry102 says:

    Good to read, Sue. Am going to write mine tomorrow…..

    Happy birthday, when you get there! It’s interesting how reaching a new decade encourages us to reflect on our lives, I think. And how people respond to Big Birthdays often reveals how they FEEL about their lives – are they where they thought they might be by the age of 30/40/50, or whatever. My next biggie is my 60th (not until 2018 – ages away yet….) when I will enter my seventh decade. Can’t believe it. In my head I’m still 16.

    Very best wishes for the year ahead. Hope to meet you again soon.


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