Better, together

As the years pass
The Ghost of Not Good Enough
Picks up your scent.
It limps behind you
Feeding on missed apostrophes, missed opportunities
And the children you didn’t quite reach.

On many a day
The Ghost of The Wrong Decision
Whispers in your ear.
“Why did you do that?”
“Why didn’t you do this?”
“Surely you could have done better?”

All around you
The Ghosts of Driving Up Standards
Erect hurdles.
“Jump over this!” one shouts
“Do this!” insists another
“Be responsible for that!”

You do your best
But the Ghost of All Above Average
Starts to get on your nerves.
You begin to wonder
Whether things are really
Quite as they should be.

Just when you think that all is lost
A child steps up and grabs your hand
Then a colleague grips your other hand, tight.
“Don’t you believe in the silly old ghosts,” they say,
“Ain’t none of us perfect yet.
But we can always try and get better, together.”

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1 Response to Better, together

  1. nancy says:

    *weeps a little bit* yes. Better together.

    Liked by 2 people

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