066 012 013

Would it be really rude of me
To offer to the DfE
A list of things they need to do
Before they start on me and you?

Assessment is a mighty mess
Rogue marker’s causing much distress
They published tests that shouldn’t have been
An accurate baseline is still a dream.

They’re causing too much childhood stress
Their system makes teachers teach to the test
Recruitment’s in crisis and budgets are down
The teachers they had are all leaving town.

They created thousands of charities
Unsurprisingly (or at least to me)
Some people took money out of their schools
And the DfE looked a lot like fools.

So fix these things first, dear DfE
Don’t treat me as the enemy
If I ask to take the occasional day
Where we learn lots of things, while we’re away.

The world is full of knowledge and learning
In the time we’re away, the world won’t stop turning
First model the things that you want me to do
And then I’ll be willing to listen to you.

011 078 037

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