The One Disruptive Child

alvie with ice cream

I am the one disruptive child
The one you’ve labelled as too wild
I scatter chaos through your class
Destroying lessons as I pass.
I like to make my classmates laugh
By doing stuff you think is daft
You worry what I’m going to do
Especially when we’re using glue.

I am the one disruptive child
My name is known, my records filed
I got my label at the start
When paints got splattered during art.
“Stop doing that,” my teacher said
And that was when I first saw red
I didn’t mean the things I did
That’s why I ran away and hid.

I am the one disruptive child
The one that gets you hot and riled
The one you’d like to send away
So lessons can get underway.
I guess you know what you must do
If I do not comply with you
The rules are set, the sanction’s clear
It’s time to get me out of here.

“Get out of here!” you call to me
I turn to go, glad to be free
I kick the desks, I do not care
I give the class my hardest stare.
Without me here, you can all get on
You’ll hardly notice that I’m gone
The one disruptive child, that’s me
The child that no one wants to be.

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4 Responses to The One Disruptive Child

  1. Peritract says:

    Disruptive behaviour should be better dealt with, but this seems to put all of the responsibility on everyone else. It does pupils a disservice if we treat them as incapable of choice. Disruptive pupils should be helped, but that doesn’t mean excusing them.

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  2. farrview says:

    I am not sure who this is aimed at, the teacher it would appear. Well guess, what the ones who care have been ignored and the ones who speak like that to a child would never read it. What is the point? If it was written in retrospect by someone, they have anger which may well be that case, fair enough. Children behaving like that are never happy children, often damaged by their life experiences. Have some compassion for the ones trying to work with them as well, it can be very difficult and draining, also for the other children who want to enjoy their learning experience.


  3. suecowley says:

    It’s a poem. Poems aren’t aimed at anyone, they’re just meant to illustrate something that is difficult to put into another form. 🙂


  4. Shireen says:

    Beautifully written. Thank you for putting this out in the world.

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