A Stupid Idea

I’m baffled as to why anyone in the DfE would think that SATs resits in Year 7 are a good idea, so I made a list of 10 reasons why they should just listen to teachers and NOT DO IT.

  1. New school; new start. Please give them a chance.
  2. They have just had a long summer holiday.
  3. Someone somewhere will set up a ‘SATs Summer Revision Camp’.
  4. They said that SATs wasn’t about ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.
  5. They said that SATs was a measure of the school, not the child.
  6. They said that child mental health was a priority.
  7. Are they seriously measuring secondaries on what they can do in 3 months?
  8. The first year of secondary should be an exciting time, not a PASS THE TEST time.
  9. It is almost inevitable that the curriculum will be narrowed for these children.
  10. It is a STUPID IDEA.
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6 Responses to A Stupid Idea

  1. 11. And it’s all bollocks anyway

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  2. Tim Taylor says:

    12. It’s devisive and labels those forced to resit as failures.


  3. Nicki Allman says:

    It will potentially cause discord between primary and secondary so rather than working together they’ll be less transitional activities and other such problems.


  4. Steve says:

    11. We’ve “been there, done that” before!

    The “Progress tests” for Year 7 who were below Level 4 in their KS2 SATS were abolished in the mid 2000s.


  5. What if the child ‘fails’ again in Year 7?


  6. Ted Douglas says:

    A simple solution is often the best response to a problem. My son will therefore not be undertaking any form for SATs resit/retake applicable to Year 6 tests, as in my opinion they will only serve to finesse the performance figures of the school he no longer has any performance responsibility for. I suggest headteacher/teacher unions get their acts together as a collective and tell Nicky Morgan these tests will not be implemented. DO NOT FAIL YOUR MEMBERSHIP AGAIN. Like you did last time.


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