Northern Rockin’ in the Free World


I’m driving up North on a hot Friday night
It takes me six hours, ‘cos there’s traffic to fight
The hotel is strange, but that just doesn’t matter
‘Cos Lisa and Sam and me have a good natter.

I meet Rachel Rossiter; Rachel Orr too
And yes, she has on the most ORRsome shoes
Tim Taylor arrives, with a duo of heads
But before too long, it is time for our beds.

On Saturday morning we head to the venue
Fantastic presenters are on today’s menu
Hold onto your hat and pull up your socks
For it’s time to get started with Northern Rocks!

We head to the gym and squeeze into our seats
For now is the first of this Saturday’s treats
The panel is ready, they will not be tardy
I give a big hug to Emma Ann Hardy.

I look to my left. A few seats down the row
Is someone I’d swear that I already know
We’ve not met before, but here’s a strange thing
I just knew I had found my good friend Abby King.

Chris Kilkenny is first; he gives a great speech
His childhood was tough – he has so much to teach
Then the panel gives testing a big funny hammer-on
And I see why you all love the Real David Cameron.

To choose all my sessions could turn me quite mad
But the first? Well I promised the lovely Amjad
His jokes make me laugh; his ideas make me smile
I cannot deny it – I do love his style.

And then it’s my turn to speak to the crowd
My session is raucous, we get a bit loud
My helper is Mary, it’s so great to meet
And JordyJax smiles from the very front seat.

We share some marshmallows; I tell some rude jokes
I notice that I have attracted some blokes
A trio of heads and my friend Mr Lockyer
The next time we meet he must buy me a beer. (ahem)

I call for a helper but this one is trickier
Then up steps a friend – O.M.G. I met Nichola!
It’s hot and it’s quick, but we have lots of fun
Thank you for coming, everyone.

At lunch I sit opposite David McQueen
The coolest guy that I’ve ever seen
Jonny Walker turns up and it’s just as I feared
There’s less hair on his head than there is in his beard.

Post lunch I sit in on Emma and Kez
They explain just how hard it is to be heads
But these two – commitment too strong to shake
Plus just like I hope, these women have cake.

Next I meet someone the kids can rely on
Yes, we are all here to see Jarlath O’Brien
A head who wears jeans (not in school, I should say)
I learned such a lot from a wonderful day.

Then it’s time to head home; the kids want their mum
One word to sum up? It’d have to be *FUN*
Did you have a great time? I bet that you did –
Thanks to Emma Ann Hardy and Debra Kidd.

So come all you boys, and come all you girls!
Let’s keep Northern Rockin’ in this here free world
A massive ‘hurrah!’ for Northern Rocks
Where they let children wear *multicoloured* socks.

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  1. Nichola says:

    Reblogged this on nichola80 and commented:
    A fab poem from Sue. How lovely to get a mention!

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