The Politics of FU


I thought I’d wake up on Friday
To the news that we would stay
And not that I’d see bloody Farage
Declare Independence Day.

With Trump there at his shoulder
Whispering in his ear
“Great job, old boy, you did to use
The politics of fear.”

While half the UK seemed to want
A speedy EU exit
I don’t think anyone actually thought
We’d end up doing a Brexit.

Goodbye to freedom of movement
Of goods and also of trade
And now we all get to lie in
The bed that we have made.

Too many politicians
Telling us what to do
So the people went and voted
For the politics of FU.

FU to the men in Brussels
Spending all our money
FU to the Old Etonians
Who find the whole thing funny.

FU to the Establishment
Who make up all the rules
FU to those who hold the power
We’ll show them up as fools.

Now the Tories are in chaos
And Labour’s in a mess
A General Election’s on the cards
I can’t wait, I confess.

The Scottish want to break away
The Union is in tatters
But hey, we got to have our say
Because apparently, that’s what matters.

Now a petition has been started
For a second EU poll
The young are feeling angry
About the future that we stole.

Yes, we’re all in a pickle
And we don’t know what to do
Because the British people voted
For the politics of FU.

So I’ve decided to declare
An Independent State
Where the politics of love
Replace the politics of hate.

You’re very welcome to join me
There’s plenty of love to spare
(Bring wine, baguettes and olives, please
Enough for us all to share.)

My State is only tiny
And I’m not sure what we’ll do
But anything’s got to be better than
The politics of FU.

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1 Response to The Politics of FU

  1. ConBradley says:

    ’Twas Brexit, and the slithy Goves
    Did lie and grumble in the Mail,
    All Menschy were the Boris droves,
    And Nigel Farage is a fascist.


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