Boycott Baseline

There has to be a baseline test
Your school must outdo all the rest
No matter that they’re only four
No time to waste, we must do more.

There has to be a baseline test
For only some can be the best
Life’s one big race towards the top
Can’t ever let our standards drop.

There has to be a baseline test
To fill the giant data chest
In seven years we’ll open wide
And from the data we’ll decide.

There has to be a baseline test
We’re not sure why, but if we’re pressed
We’ll claim a test’s the only way
For this is not the time to play.

There has to be a baseline test
Ten million pounds we must invest
For in the future, far from now
We must compare your schools somehow.

There has to be a baseline test
We hope you will be most impressed
When we can make the numbers say
What 4 year olds should do each day.

Today I stood in the morning sun
And watched the children laugh and run
Each one of them a different person
Their time with us is just rehearsing

The grown up that they’ll be some day
When they have no more time to play
But at this point they’re only young
Their lives have barely just begun.

Stop rushing on to a future point
Saying for now they disappoint
Take a moment to stop and think
Join the dots and make the link.

These are children, not things to test
Please listen to those who know them best
But if you won’t, be in no doubt
#Boycottbaseline is what we’ll shout.

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1 Response to Boycott Baseline

  1. mike2all says:

    Nice work. I thought that it was possibly about cricket at first.


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