Expected Standard

I’m not Expected Standard
There’s lots I do not know
The Government checked my learning
And decided it was low.

The grown ups think I’m stupid
They think I do not see
That some kids find school easier
And learning is hard for me.

My mum said it didn’t matter
My dad said he didn’t care
I heard them talking in whispers
They didn’t know I was there.

But the test was not a fair one
They didn’t check me out
“I can do loads of great stuff!”
Was what I wanted to shout.

I know all the names of dinosaurs
I’m a super hero too
I am brave and strong and fearless
(Although sometimes that’s not true.)

I can make the world’s best mud pie
I can pick up worms and snails
And I’m forming my letters nicely
Like the snails make silvery trails.

I know how to count up to ten now
I can make a huge tower of bricks
And my teacher said that the numbers
Can do some incredible tricks.

I can’t quite see the tricks yet
But then I’m only four
The kids who are one year older
Seem to get it a whole lot more.

I can sit for the afternoon story
Although sometimes I shuffle about
And when Miss gets to the good bits
All I want is to stand up and shout!

I get a bit tired as the day goes
I once fell asleep on the rug
But when dad came to get me
I got an enormous hug.

I wish I could tell you the things that
Are going on in my head
But I haven’t got all the words yet
And some things are better not said.

So stuff your expected standard
Don’t measure my life away
Cos I’m perfectly happy to be me
And I’m planning to stay that way.



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1 Response to Expected Standard

  1. Jo Hall says:

    Don’t think I will ever reach the expected standard – what a brilliant and heart- wrenching description of what we can do,to,children.


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