Advice for NQTs

Do not do the things I did
Try not to shout at a class of kids
Smile if you want on the very first day
Don’t send kids out early to play.

Explain what you need, children want to know
Have a back-up plan in case of snow
Listen to others, but trust in your feelings
Learning is hard, so make it appealing.

Beware the ‘to do’ list, it spawns and grows
In case of vomit, have a spare set of clothes
Ask for resources, reach out for support
Lean on those who’ve already taught.

Don’t aim to be perfect, protect yourself
Wash your hands lots and maintain your health
The first year of teaching is pretty tough
Let good enough be good enough.

And if you’ve been given a hellish class
Remember too that this soon shall pass
In one year’s time you’ll look back with pride
So buckle up tight and enjoy the ride.

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