Navigate the World

It’s muddy in the forest
So we have to wear our boots.
That’s the way you do it!
First right foot and then left foot.

The forecast is for rain
So we’ll wear coveralls for luck.
And pack up our tarpaulin
Neatly, in the truck.

There is danger on the road
So we’ll walk in single row
Down the narrow pavement
To the lane where cars don’t go.

On the lane there is a robin
Let’s keep quiet, so it stays,
Keep our eyes peeled for the birds
See what we can spot today.

You’d like to sing a song now?
That’s a really great idea.
We can make a big loud noise now
We can sing and we can cheer!

Oh you want to carry a stick now?
Well, I know you know the rule.
Hold it downwards, sticks can hurt us
And none of us are careless fools.

Well which way should we go here?
To the right, into the trees?
Or straight on, to the allotments,
Where they keep a hive of bees?

In between the place we started
And the destination where we go
There are many different lessons
Lots of things we need to know.

The grown ups give us guidance
But we have to learn to do –
All the things that are important
In the world as we move through.

We might drift, or lose our focus
Do some things that aren’t so great
But one day you won’t be there
And then it’s all too late.

We can chatter with excitement
We can get to know our friends
We can listen to our teachers
Dream of what’s around the bend.

So let us make mistakes now
While there’s still time to be shown
Because one day all too soon
We’ll be doing it alone.

And then you’ll have to trust us
All those tiny boys and girls
And hope you taught us properly
How to navigate the world.

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