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Grass is an amazing plant. It thrives in the toughest of conditions, it doesn’t mind if you step on it, or if you cut it once a week, or even if you ignore it and let it grow into a … Continue reading

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The subject of the relationship between teaching and learning, and behaviour, is so fraught, tangled and complex that I hesitate even to talk about it. Notions of blame and responsibility quickly get wound up together, and before you know it, … Continue reading

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Do What They Told Ya

“And now you do what they told ya, now you’re under control” Killing In The Name Rage Against the Machine It must be very frustrating for the DfE (and its ‘behaviour tsar’) to find that teachers still “argue … whether … Continue reading

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A View with a Room

If you’re lucky, summer is a time for looking outwards, for escaping the close scrutiny of the working week and allowing yourself to breathe. A time for seeing the big picture, spending long nights with family and friends, relaxing. I’m … Continue reading

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Nothing More Than Feelings

Secondary School here I come … On the way home from work today, I listened to an interview on Radio Five Live with Robert Webb, about his new book How Not To Be A Boy. The programme focused on the relationships that … Continue reading

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Shift Happens

In an attempt at a digital detox, I’ve barely touched my computer for over a month. Apart from dealing with a handful of emails that couldn’t wait until the end of the holidays, and reading a few blogs that interested … Continue reading

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Don’t PISA Me Off

In a week that has been dominated by talk of testing, yesterday brought what felt to me like the final straw. As if it wasn’t bad enough that correctly placed semi colons have been marked incorrect, for no obvious reason, and … Continue reading

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