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The subject of the relationship between teaching and learning, and behaviour, is so fraught, tangled and complex that I hesitate even to talk about it. Notions of blame and responsibility quickly get wound up together, and before you know it, … Continue reading

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Do What They Told Ya

“And now you do what they told ya, now you’re under control” Killing In The Name Rage Against the Machine It must be very frustrating for the DfE (and its ‘behaviour tsar’) to find that teachers still “argue … whether … Continue reading

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The Pause, The Look, and The Deadly Eyebrow

One of the odd things about being a teacher is that your teaching behaviours can begin to bleed over into your home life. You act a lot at work so you find yourself doing it when you’re not being paid … Continue reading

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If Detentions Worked

One of the ‘problems’ for schools with the use of punitive measures to control behaviour is that they are not exactly armed to the teeth with options. In the (bad) old days, when I was at school, the threat of … Continue reading

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Education For All?

“Schools for all – institutions which include everybody, celebrate differences, support learning, and respond to individual needs” The Salamanca Statement In 1994, not all that long after I started teaching, the UK was one of 92 governments and 25 international … Continue reading

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The One Disruptive Child

I am the one disruptive child The one you’ve labelled as too wild I scatter chaos through your class Destroying lessons as I pass. I like to make my classmates laugh By doing stuff you think is daft You worry … Continue reading

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No Excuses and the Case of the Slow Drying Sun

It’s Sunday night and “Houston, we have a problem”. It’s not that the kid hasn’t done her homework; the problem is that the homework isn’t dry yet. This time round the homework was to celebrate the end of the Solar System topic … Continue reading

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