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We All Line Up

There are many reasons why we need to use routines in our teaching spaces. Routines are a helpful ‘shorthand’ for getting things done quickly and efficiently. Routines help us ensure that the children are safe, and that there is a … Continue reading

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Bringing the Learning to Life

‘Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.’ Anton Chekhov If I tell you, I run the risk that (a) you won’t actually be listening, (b) you won’t really understand what I … Continue reading

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The Jolly Postman

When I was a child, letters were really relevant to me. I waited by the front door for the postman, because he might have a letter from my dad. And when one finally did drop through the door, my heart … Continue reading

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A Creative Nation

The house lights dim and a hush falls over the audience. An eerie music fills the space. Then a green light suffuses the stage. We’re in a forest: plants and leaves carpet the ground. A cold mist drifts in, its … Continue reading

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Reclaim Shakespeare

I’m really sorry, Mr Gove, but I think we need to reclaim Shakespeare now. You’ve had him for a while, you reference him in glowing terms here and here and here. But the thing is, we’re concerned that you don’t really … Continue reading

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