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Bad Attitude

I’ll admit it. There are some things towards which I have a bad attitude. Brexit is a big one. As is lots of high stakes testing. And anyone telling me how I must teach. I reserve the right to say … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Free

One of the things that the whole Referendum Debacle has brought home to me is how much I value the European side of my life (and how maybe other people don’t share quite the same enthusiasm). When I was a … Continue reading

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This Septic Isle

Writing is great for many things. It is great for communication, for sharing, for expression. But it is particularly great for catharsis. And that’s what I’m planning to use it for in this blog post, because I can’t get on … Continue reading

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The Politics of FU

I thought I’d wake up on Friday To the news that we would stay And not that I’d see bloody Farage Declare Independence Day. With Trump there at his shoulder Whispering in his ear “Great job, old boy, you did … Continue reading

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