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How Will I Know?

Learning through experience, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), April 2016 “Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R. Tolkein The idea of ‘learning through discovery’ has fallen so out of fashion in educational circles, that it seems nigh on subversive to … Continue reading

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Outside my Experience

Although you don’t have to have experienced something to understand it, experience helps a lot when it comes to avoiding misunderstandings. On today’s news there was a story about the Queen. She was overheard discussing a visiting Chinese delegation, and … Continue reading

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The View from Here

 Portugal: a mountain, somewhere in the Alto Minho … Sometimes I have to stop looking inwards, and remember to look outwards for a while. Forget all that living my life in my head, and get back down into my body … Continue reading

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First Cut is the Deepest

Today I built a second raised bed. This time round I learned from my mistakes. I got my other half to dig out the rechargeable screwdriver and recharge it for me (delegate, get prepared, get good kit.) I worked on … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

I went to school in the 1970’s. Some people say this was the time when it all went wrong. When state schools became all fluffy and child centred, when they renounced the traditional methods. Perhaps I just went to the … Continue reading

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Looking for Leonardo

We went looking for Leonardo da Vinci. The interest started with a library book from school, a book that got read from cover to cover, over and over again, until all the pages threatened to fall out. Then I found … Continue reading

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Being There

We’re standing at the top of Mount Vesuvius. Our feet hurt. It’s been a long hard slog to get up here. But it was worth it. Oh yes, indeed. We peer over the rail, and into the crater. Steam is … Continue reading

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Postcard from the Edge

Hi Ray, Nancy, Tim, Debra, Jill, Chris, Miss Smith, Laura, Simona, Louise, Anne, and everyone else, Sorry it’s taken so long to write. There’s so much to tell you but there’s no way that I can sum it up on … Continue reading

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The Jolly Postman

When I was a child, letters were really relevant to me. I waited by the front door for the postman, because he might have a letter from my dad. And when one finally did drop through the door, my heart … Continue reading

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10 Questions I Hope ResearchEd Helps me Answer

I was always the Kid with the Questions. You know: that really annoying one. The one you wish would just shut up. I wouldn’t take ‘it just is’ as an answer. Sorry about that. At secondary school my maths teacher … Continue reading

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