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Joining the Dots

At the same time as testing increases and we put ever more pressure on children to achieve high academic results we see rising rates of poor mental health in young people. At the same time as schools are being put … Continue reading

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Eradicate Excuses

Dear Nick, I saw in your speech yesterday that you said it was possible for kids to have “No Excuses methods injected into them”. I’m a parent, and I can tell you – I need some of that stuff! Perhaps … Continue reading

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Hate Will Tear Us Apart

I guess it was inevitable that an Election defeat would be followed by a period of brow-beating, on the part of the politically minded. I’m not a member of the Labour Party, but their philosophy is just about the closest … Continue reading

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At first glance it is hard to question. A policy that all children should be in school during all of term time. Very well done, Mr Gove. Back up your policy with a fine, have a focus on attendance in … Continue reading

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Masters of the Universe

Yesterday it was announced that a Labour Government would create a new designation of ‘Master Teacher’, as part of a ‘drive to raise standards’. Setting aside any questions about whether this is a good idea or not, when I run … Continue reading

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Simply the Best

“access to the best that has been thought and written …” Michael Gove I’ve always been wary of the notion of a literary canon: a list of the best that has ever been written. In part, my concern stems from … Continue reading

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There was much rejoicing in the primary/secondary sector when Sir Michael Wilshaw sent a letter to school inspectors, insisting that they should not look for a particular teaching style when observing lessons, but focus solely on the outcomes for students. … Continue reading

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Economically Productive Units

Scene One: A dark corridor. Cigar smoke hovers in the air. Two men are talking. We cannot see their faces. The time is unspecified: perhaps we are in the future, perhaps in the past. Mr. A: We need to get … Continue reading

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Have a Little Faith

Dear Mr Hunt, Trust is at the heart of relationships. When you give someone your trust, you boost them up. You send them the message that ‘I have faith in you‘ or ‘I believe you can do this’. Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Start with the Child

Where is the best place for a two year old to be? Not the cheapest, or the most efficient, or the most economically productive, but the best. For the child. Running through a field, shouting with joy, the wind in … Continue reading

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