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The Thing About Grammar

It’s really hard to talk about grammar without upsetting someone. Really, really hard. Some might even say impossible. The DfE have managed to upset just about everyone at some point with their approach to grammar. Even if you’re not cross … Continue reading

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Amazingly enough

Amazingly enough, when Sophie told her teacher that she didn’t really like writing anymore, her teacher didn’t seem to mind. “I’ve got a great idea,” her teacher said, “why don’t we stop worrying so much about the sentence starters, and … Continue reading

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Unsurprisingly perhaps

Unsurprisingly perhaps, when Sophie came home from school after being taught to use fronted adverbials, she started to put them everywhere. Amazingly enough, her writing didn’t get any better. Before long, in fact, it began to get worse. A few … Continue reading

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… where does the comma go?

The thing about writing is that, as soon as you try to impose a set of rules on it, it starts to go wonky. This is because you don’t write in a set of rules, you write for sense and … Continue reading

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