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The Firmest Foundations

“No sitting at desks, we are too busy playing No testing or labelling, hear what we’re saying Be brave and be bold, make the firmest foundations Build a garden! Take pride in the joy of creation.” There is something magical … Continue reading

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Group Work

“Don’t do that!” “You stay here. I’ll go over there.” “It’s her turn. Let her have a go!” “Oww!!!” “Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” “Shall we do something else now?” It being half term, our home has been … Continue reading


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Come and Have a Go

The ‘hardest’ thing I have done in my entire life was to train and work as a professional dancer. Harder than writing 20+ books; harder than working as a teacher in a really, really tough school; harder even than childbirth. When … Continue reading

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Truss Translated

Below are extracts taken verbatim from an appearance on Newsnight by Elizabeth Truss, the Childcare Minister, on Thursday 12th September 2013. The words in blue are my (tongue-in-cheek) ‘translations’. “If you go into a Reception class, you will find that … Continue reading

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Group Work is Great!

According to Michael Gove‘s speech last week, group work is “in practice, children chatting to each other”. And from the tone of his speech he makes it clear that this is something to be avoided at all costs. (Because of course … Continue reading

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