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The Secret Forest Club

In what I feel is a beautiful synchronicity, I get to see the preschool children every week from my study window. All that work we have put into making Forest Club happen has come to fruition. The funding and the … Continue reading

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Masters of the Universe

Yesterday it was announced that a Labour Government would create a new designation of ‘Master Teacher’, as part of a ‘drive to raise standards’. Setting aside any questions about whether this is a good idea or not, when I run … Continue reading

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Stop Making Sense

Inside every word is a tiny capsule of sense. You can sound words out, you can name their parts, but meaning only comes out when you get them into the right context. Suddenly, the sense goes POP! Let me tell … Continue reading

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Words are my Friends

‘Words in the heart cannot be taken.‘ Terry Pratchett Words are my friends, so I try to treat them with the utmost of care. With words I can talk and listen and share. I can advise and support and suggest. … Continue reading

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