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Kindness is Power

Power is a funny old thing. It’s thrilling to have, but I definitely wouldn’t want too much of it. As a writer I love it when the words that I use turn out to have power. If I’m lucky they … Continue reading

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Shift Happens

In an attempt at a digital detox, I’ve barely touched my computer for over a month. Apart from dealing with a handful of emails that couldn’t wait until the end of the holidays, and reading a few blogs that interested … Continue reading

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Inspire SW

In honour of this conference, I’ve done something really mad I’ve written a keynote poem, and I warn you, it could be bad. I like to take a risk or two, I’m quite experimental I sang a song at WomenEd, … Continue reading

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Babies have a natural affinity with water – they’ve just spent nine months floating in the womb, so a warm swimming pool feels very familiar to them. The advice used to be to wait until your babies had their first … Continue reading

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Making Memories

There are all kinds of ways that you can get yourself to remember things. You can remember things by repeating them over and over again. You can remember things by using clever memory systems like mnemonics, the Roman Room or … Continue reading

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Join the Dots

.       .       . .       .       . .       .       . Join all the dots using only 4 straight lines and without taking your … Continue reading

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Now I Have Finally Seen The Light

“I saw Goody Proctor with the devil!” The Crucible There was a strangely febrile atmosphere on edu-Twitter last weekend. People snapping at each other, making bold statements, accusations of bias or rudeness flying around, a general sense of narkiness in … Continue reading

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