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Rewarded by Rewards

I’ve worked with thousands of lovely teachers over the years, and one thing I especially love is when they tell me funny stories about the rewards they have created. There is the Hallelujah Button, which plays the Hallelujah Chorus. That button … Continue reading

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It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money

This week my daughter finally earned her sticker from school for doing 25 nights of reading. She has been looking forward to getting the sticker. The sticker acts as a useful ‘marker’ of her achievement. But we would have read every … Continue reading

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Informed Consent

Teacher: You’re going to do your baseline test now, Charlie. Charlie: Why? Teacher: Because we need data. Charlie: What’s data? Teacher: It’s something we can use to measure systems. To see if they are efficient. [There is a pause.] Teacher: Think of it … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment

“So, I’m driving along the motorway, and I’m going 85 miles an hour. And hey, I know that technically I’m breaking the law, but look everyone else is doing it. And the rule is stupid anyway. I’m a good driver … Continue reading

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To learn something, you have to focus on it. You have to engage your eyes, your fingers, your body, your mind. You have to get on and do it. Young children engage instinctively, with the right encouragement. They play, explore … Continue reading

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Why am I Hear?*

Disclaimer: Nothing in this blog post is intended to tell you what to think or how to teach. Warning: This blog post contains elements of self-indulgence. I’ve been trying to work out why I blog. It’s not really about marketing, except in a … Continue reading

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The Jolly Postman

When I was a child, letters were really relevant to me. I waited by the front door for the postman, because he might have a letter from my dad. And when one finally did drop through the door, my heart … Continue reading

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