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The Blame Game

When Michael Wilshaw was HMCI, he had a very bad habit of announcing his opinions in The Sunday Times. One particularly striking moment was when he called for a “Renaissance of Respect” in the nation’s schools, which first of all … Continue reading

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Five Tips for Surviving Ofsted

1. Don’t do it for Ofsted, do it for the kids. All other ways madness lies. 2.¬†Self evaluation is not your enemy, it is your friend. Just make sure you use it properly. 3. You can’t manage people into submission, … Continue reading

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Wherefore Art Thou Wilshaw?

“Let me be clear: what the poorest children need is to be taught, and well taught, from the age of two.” Michael Wilshaw I’m not really sure where to start with Michael Wilshaw’s speech, made as he announced the publication … Continue reading

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Renaissance of Respect

When I was at school back in the 1970’s, we had to stand up if a teacher entered the room. Not just if the head teacher entered, but any teacher at all. We also had to do endless copying from … Continue reading

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Nothing But Flowers

You come to a ravine. Everyone tells you that they know the best way to get across the ravine. And they tell you like a million different things. You desperately want to get across the ravine, because on the other … Continue reading

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There was much rejoicing in the primary/secondary sector when Sir Michael Wilshaw sent a letter to school inspectors, insisting that they should not look for a particular teaching style when observing lessons, but focus solely on the outcomes for students. … Continue reading

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Too Many Hats

The Playwright sits in a darkened room, scratching thoughts, ideas, knowledge on a page.¬† The Actor brings the script alive (some audiences are tricky to please). The Artist turns a simple resource into the key to another world. The Kitten … Continue reading

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