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Too Many Hats

The Playwright sits in a darkened room, scratching thoughts, ideas, knowledge on a page.  The Actor brings the script alive (some audiences are tricky to please). The Artist turns a simple resource into the key to another world. The Kitten … Continue reading

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“Words are loaded pistols.” John-Paul Sartre I’m very partial to words. Not all of them, mind, but many of them. With some words it’s about the sound: extraordinary or incredible or pumpernickel. With other words, it’s about the way it … Continue reading

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Risky Teaching

It’s often said that we’re becoming more and more risk averse as a society. Certainly, it seems to me that schools and teachers are less willing to take risks than they were when I first came into the profession in … Continue reading

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Who are you doing it for anyway? (Or: why we must all stop obsessing about ‘what Ofsted will think’)

Up until a few years ago, I didn’t much care what Ofsted said. When I was teaching full time, I deliberately stayed in the classroom, rather than moving into a promoted, management position. I wanted to be with the kids, … Continue reading

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