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Love is … being a Parent

1. The years fly past and will never happen again. The moments really matter. 2. I would rather earn less and spend more time with my children, than earn more and spend less time with them. 3. No one is … Continue reading

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Economically Productive Units

Scene One: A dark corridor. Cigar smoke hovers in the air. Two men are talking. We cannot see their faces. The time is unspecified: perhaps we are in the future, perhaps in the past. Mr. A: We need to get … Continue reading

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Start with the Child

Where is the best place for a two year old to be? Not the cheapest, or the most efficient, or the most economically productive, but the best. For the child. Running through a field, shouting with joy, the wind in … Continue reading

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51 Weeks In the absence of anyone at the DfE being willing to think this one through before announcing it in the press, I am taking a few minutes out of my (thankfully very relaxed) holiday schedule to do it for … Continue reading

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We are Family

Jim Morrison nailed it: ‘People are strange’. And there’s not much stranger than families. Big, medium, small, tiny, diverse, close, scattered, eccentric, bizarre, dysfunctional, ordered, chaotic, loving, happy, sad, normal, odd, supportive, uncaring, awful. Each family is one of a … Continue reading

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Falls the Shadow

When you voluntarily help to create or run an educational setting, you do so with an agenda that guides you. You might not be aware that you have an agenda, or you might choose not to examine what it is. But we … Continue reading

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Truss Translated

Below are extracts taken verbatim from an appearance on Newsnight by Elizabeth Truss, the Childcare Minister, on Thursday 12th September 2013. The words in blue are my (tongue-in-cheek) ‘translations’. “If you go into a Reception class, you will find that … Continue reading

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Thirteen to One

It was an admirable vision. Young children, having access to early education – the best input at the time it mattered most. Fifteen free hours in a setting to talk, and explore, and play, to share stories, and run around, … Continue reading

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Growing a Child

This morning I gave an assembly at my children’s school on ‘Reading for Pleasure’. I’ll upload the materials to my website when I have the chance, although I’m afraid I won’t be able to upload the bed, duvet and pillows … Continue reading

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An Education

What is ‘An Education’? Some say education is about making people cleverer: about ensuring that people have access to lots of knowledge. I can’t see anything to argue with in that (although I don’t think teaching lots of knowledge necessarily … Continue reading

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