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Life in the Sandpit

If you spend any length of time working in the early years sector, you start to get the feeling that you are not seen to be quite as intellectual or rational as those working in other phases. This doesn’t come … Continue reading

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Educating the Babies

It’s a funny thing, the Early Years Foundation Stage, because it runs from birth to five years old. It is the longest key stage of all. These are the halcyon days before the State insists that you must educate your … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

I’ve spent the last two days at the stunning St George’s Park, doing some sessions on creativity for the FA. It feels a bit weird to be saying that, but hey, go me! (#10%Braver @WomenEd) I was there to do some … Continue reading

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Game On

We play a lot of games in our family, especially when we’re in Portugal. We do something called Games Day, where we commit to playing a series of games as a family. Outside there is swingball, table tennis, archery and … Continue reading

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The Secret Forest Club

In what I feel is a beautiful synchronicity, I get to see the preschool children every week from my study window. All that work we have put into making Forest Club happen has come to fruition. The funding and the … Continue reading

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Knowledge: The First Five Years

When I was born I didn’t know much I knew how to scream And I knew how to touch. I didn’t know who All the big people were My eyes didn’t focus My world was a blur. But now five … Continue reading

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Sh – ee – p

J: Ssh … ssh … [he holds his finger to his lips] N: Why do we have to be quiet? Sue: Because we don’t want to wake the monster that lives under the ground. That’s our game. We’re playing together. … Continue reading

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