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Navigate the World

It’s muddy in the forest So we have to wear our boots. That’s the way you do it! First right foot and then left foot. The forecast is for rain So we’ll wear coveralls for luck. And pack up our … Continue reading

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Advice for NQTs

Do not do the things I did Try not to shout at a class of kids Smile if you want on the very first day Don’t send kids out early to play. Explain what you need, children want to know … Continue reading

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Northern Rockin’ in the Free World

I’m driving up North on a hot Friday night It takes me six hours, ‘cos there’s traffic to fight The hotel is strange, but that just doesn’t matter ‘Cos Lisa and Sam and me have a good natter. I meet … Continue reading

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The One Disruptive Child

I am the one disruptive child The one you’ve labelled as too wild I scatter chaos through your class Destroying lessons as I pass. I like to make my classmates laugh By doing stuff you think is daft You worry … Continue reading

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   Would it be really rude of me To offer to the DfE A list of things they need to do Before they start on me and you? Assessment is a mighty mess Rogue marker’s causing much distress They published … Continue reading

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Better, together

As the years pass The Ghost of Not Good Enough Picks up your scent. It limps behind you Feeding on missed apostrophes, missed opportunities And the children you didn’t quite reach. On many a day The Ghost of The Wrong … Continue reading

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Life Without Twitter

Gazing out of a window Instead of into a screen Tinkering about, only at the margins Of the online world Stepping away for a time From the hurly-burly And the clamouring voices Into a quieter place Writing to hear yourself … Continue reading

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